Focusing on Christ this Christmas

This Christmas season has been a little different for me and my family. We are in between houses at the moment and so we don’t really have anywhere to call home. We are also flying for the holidays and so this year looks a little different than most.

We haven’t been shopping or wrapping presents because it’s all done, and extra gifts are too expensive for us right now. We aren’t decorating with trees or lights or wreaths because, if we are being honest, I don’t know where they are, and moving is hard enough without decorating for the 4 days we will be there.

This year we are far away from family. And we have had some financial disturbances to compound the stress. In many ways, this year just hasn’t felt like Christmas.

But in many other ways, this has been the best Christmas season we have had in a long time.

Without all the distractions of the Hallmark holiday, we have been so much more focused on those around us and the reason for the season. With the hardships we have had, we have been able to reflect more on our Savior Jesus Christ, and the many blessing we have been given. We are focusing on Christ this season.

Participating in light the world this year has been a completely new experience as we focus on giving and service for others instead of on the things we feel like we are missing this holiday. We have been much happier, less stressed, and have grown closer to each other and Christ.

While the traditional spirit of Christmas hasn’t been as present in our lives and home, the Spirit of Christ has been very prevalent and I wouldn’t give up that change for anything.

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